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Piping Hot Haggis

Lively, ritualistic and colourful, Piping Hot Haggis Ceremonies offer a wonderful welcome to Dunedin City for any group.
Undeniably Scottish, Dunedin (the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh) continues to celebrate its heritage and this Scottish southern experience, featuring an address to the haggis written by 18th century poet Robbie Burns, is a must. The unique blend of the stirring bagpipes, the fascinating haggis (made in Dunedin), ‘Spirit of Dunedin’ whisky, participants from the audience and the wonderfully engaging Addressor, can be performed any time and any where to suit your group’s needs. Your all-inclusive Piping Hot Haggis package comes with a ‘Gift Duo’ comprising a colourful Certificate of Attendance and a 50ml miniature 8 Year “Isle of Skye” Scotch Whisky souvenir for all participants and audience members.
Dunedin’s best performers will provide a memorable event for your clients.
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